Saturday, 1 October 2011

Fresh is Beautiful at the Market

We spent some of our morning at the Farmer's Market.  We walk there often on Saturday mornings from spring to fall.  It's a chance to visit with neighbors, exchange recipe information with total strangers and bump into old friends who live on the other side of town.  Today we joked with friends who asked us to try the new variety of Strawberries called the "trymes".  What are those we asked?  "See the small sign over the berries there?  It says "Try Me!"  
Oh...abbiamo capito...

This month we'll make a point of bundling up and going to the market every Saturday.  There are only four fresh market days left until spring.  

It was unusually cold today; a sign of things to come.  Although I'm Canadian, my Mediterranean blood protests at the wintry winds that blow this time of year. Wearing my fingerless gloves, I wondered how many days are left before the first snow falls.  I will relish these fall days and enjoy every bit of sunshine that comes our way.

It took a while to decide which one of these crusty masterpieces we would take home.  Look at them...aren't they gorgeous?  To me, baked bread is art as fine as any Chagall in the gallery. 

When I see freshly baked bread, I often think of my Zio Peppino who used to bake the best bread every week.  I watched him braid the loaves and push the tins into the oven; then wait with little patience 'til they emerged golden-brown delicious.  They always looked so perfect and so did these loaves I saw today.  

I carried the biggest bunch of celery home like a football.  It was grande, grande and a challenge to fit it comfortably into the fridge. 

In this vegetable heaven, I feel a Mediterranean stir-fry coming on.  Wonder what it will be?  Something that shaves down that Capo di Celery I wrestled with...and something with no tomatoes. We've been submerged in red sauce for weeks now.  Time to enjoy the color green.  I will see what comes together in my cucina and share my recipe with you next week.

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