Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Life is Like a Bowl of Pasta

Random thoughts from a pasta lover

Is life like a bowl of pasta?  While gazing at the mile-long display of dried pasta in the grocery store last week, this question came to me.  Pasta was on sale, three for $5.00; a mix and match type of deal.  Do I pick farfalle, spaghettini and bowties, or penne, spaghetti and bowties?  Or maybe just two spaghetti and one bowtie?  Spaghetti is loved by all in our house and bowties are just fun. 

I stood in the isle pondering my options and asked myself why I was taking so long.  I mean, why sweat the small stuff, as the book says.  (I read that book by the way-- a couple of times, maybe more-- but still agonize over three for $5.00 deals and other simple options.) And so, the question had to be answered.  Is life like a bowl of pasta?  I think it is.  I have an even 10 answers that tell me so. I went with 10 because 8 or 9 (or even 11) would be a little odd to me, someone who insists on sweating over the little things, even though she read the book a couple of times and maybe even more. If you have thoughts about how life is like a bowl of pasta, please share. Random thoughts are good as 3 for $5.00 deals. 

How life is like a bowl of pasta:

  1. Sometimes you feel like a wet noodle.
  2. Sometimes good luck drops into your life like grated parmesan on your plate.
  3. Variety makes the heart sing.
  4. Don't take more than your share.
  5. Be thankful for what's in front of you-- don't wish for something  nobody cooked!
  6. Fussing over the details makes all the difference. (If you disagree, ask yourself why you're still making tomato sauce from scratch when you can buy it at the store.)
  7. There are days when all you really want is pasta but all you have is tomatoes.
  8. Sometimes it seems everyone is getting a bigger portion than you...and times when your bowl is overflowing with the best ingredients life has to offer.
  9. It's best to work together to clean up our messes.
  10. Savor every bite-- it's over before you know it.
More about pasta next week. How can this basic dish start an argument in most families?  It can and it does.

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  1. ..and sometimes you're drowning in sauce.

    Coming up for air soon. Yay!