Tuesday, 14 June 2011

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There is an Italian blog I like to follow called Over A Tuscan Stove.   It's full of authentic pictures and recipes; not just from Tuscany.  Recently the stories and pictures were from Sicily, a place I visited only once many years ago, and one that's very dear to me as that's where my dad emigrated from. 

I learned today that Judy, the chef and blogger behind Over A Tuscan Stove,  lost her mom last Friday night.  Judy's mom, known to many as La Contessa, liked to make limoncello for her friends and family from the lemon tree in her yard in California.

Why not remember her mom in this special way?  In honor of La Contessa's life,  Judy asked her family in California to print memorial cards that will feature her mom's picture along with the recipe for the limoncello she liked to make for her family and friends.  Judy's nephew has already harvested lemons from his grandmother's tree and is making limoncello for her memorial service.  What a beautiful way to celebrate her life!

I raise a glass to La Contessa this evening--  long may her memory and her recipes live.  Here is the one she will be remembered for:

Soak the zest of 5 organic lemons in 2 cups of whole grain alcohol for 3 days.  Make a simple syrup by heating 2 cups of water and     1-1/2 cups of sugar. Mix together and strain out the lemon peels.  Keep in the freezer (it won't freeze but thicken instead and will pour out as an icy drink). Share with family and friends and enjoy.

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